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Seasonal, Organic, Unrefined, Local foods. This is the foundation of Garden Cuisine. We are your culinary support system. Nourishing your lives from the soil up.

Professional Photos by Pascale Wowak


Garden Cuisine

                             Organic Home Chef Services


Would you and your family enjoy home made meals. . .
                                               but you don’t have the time to cook?

Between busy work schedules, family needs and all of life's special moments, finding the time to cook home made, whole food, nourishing meals can be a challenge. Life is precious, and eating right is the key to having the energy and vitality to enjoy it to your fullest potential. Food is not only a flavor satiation, or a social gathering, it is also nourishment for our bodies and lives. Meals have natural vibrational properties, and when used correctly, we are blessed to reap the benefits of it’s preventative medicine. It's not only our bodies that need healthy foods; our minds, children, and jobs require it of us. I lovingly prepare organic, seasonal, unrefined foods so that you can receive all of the nutrients, straight from the soil. The meal plans I put together, make eating whole foods delicious, satisfying, and attainable
                      Every bite counts!    

                                              Choose the right ones...