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Love & your body

The Body

         "Treat your body with the same care you would give any other valuable and irreplaceable object."     

                 -Cherie Carter-Scott PH.D.

How do you FEEL when you take better care of yourself?

          For me, that good feeling comes form honoring what my body needs...

 Food is the very basis of our being. It is what sustains our health, beauty, vitality and vigor. Or, it will be what robs us of it all. We've all heard the phrase "you are what you eat," yet with our busy lives most of us live on microwave dinners, takeout, or highly processed, restaurant meals; robbing our sweet selves of the nourishment we need to truly THRIVE in this life. The body is our most cherished relationship. It is our partner, our guide, and the gracious home to our soul. It is of utmost importance to treat our bodies with respect and kindness. This starts first and foremost with what we feed it.  We deserve it!!!!

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