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My Story

With a deep love and passion for the arts, I began my story in Art School. It wasn't long however, before I recognized my enthusiasm for cooking. Growing up in a family that loves food, I found my way to the stove at a young age. As I grew older, so did my appreciation for the health aspect of food. We are so blessed here in Northern California with the abundance of farmland we have, and the strong desire for Organic produce. When I was 19, I became a Certified Chef with the help of Bauman College, and immediately started the business. Since then, the learning hasn't ceased. Devouring book after book, I became recipe testing bound. I got thoroughly involved in finding healthy alternatives to many of our "every day" meals. Alternative eating became my world, and has since become a lifelong journey of growth.  My clients and I continue to enjoy the ride. A lot like painting, I crave the multifaceted textures, colors, and flavor combinations of food. I love the community it brings together, and the gifts healthy food blesses our bodies with. These days, health is my greatest passion. And I am blessed with the joy of bringing that to others through the artistic palette of Mother Nature's abundance. My aim is simple: to nourish people so that they can better do what they LOVE.

Chef & Artist

Anika Canton

The Inspiration

Headshot Photo by Pascale Wowak